Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PLACES : Escape Break The Code, Persiaran Gurney, Penang

Hi guys.

I've made a promise before on my instagram (@mohamad_hazwan) to share about my activity at Escape Breaking the Code, Penang. I've wrote an entry on a previous post said that I spent my weekend with my dear friends. So Muhaimin had discussed with Shud to try the activity offers there. 


Escape Breaking the Code  la ni macam ala ala game mencabar la where you need to escape yourself from one room to another. They got three room you need to escape. It is a real room escap where you need to find the code based on clues given to enter the next room. 

You will be given one hour to complete the task and be free. 

The price is RM30 for student with id and will get 10% discount if you like and do some stuff on their FB page. 

There are few options you may choose. 
1. Kidnapped - Break Out
2. Detective X - Shadow Killer
3. Crazy Lab - The Undeath Zombie
4. Pirate Ship - Lost Treasure of Kathubu

We tried out no. 2 and we can't finish the task. So bad! My advise if you want to get in there is prepare with all your logical mind and you will success. 

Find them at:

368-02-01 2nd Floor, Bellisa Row,
10350, Penang. 


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