Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weird Taste *yuck*

I got flu since bad haze 

I'm not the one who tak-makan-sayur type of person but since I realised something about myself towards vegetables thing. I found that I do not eat still-fresh-after-cooked veges especially when it come to mustard, tomato and union.

They are weirdo.

From what I remember, I don't like eating green type of veges when I was a kid same as my brother but as I grow up I learnt to eat those stuff. I realised its good to our health, eyes, skin bla bla bla.
But still I don't like eat those I mentioned above because they have weird taste when they're not fully cooked. I will ate them if they were cooked withered like in tomyam or on the top of pizza. Tasteless.

I try to eat fresh cherry tomato once given by my cousin but it ended up with throw up, guys. I don't get it. It has weird taste which my buds can't even accept *yucks* My mom get me so when she cooks she will make sure it will fully withered so that I can ate them. Thanks you mom for understand me. 

So when I going out with my friends I will take sometime to put the veges (onion, not-well-cooked mustard and tomato) aside. I just don't want to spoil them from throwing up. Hehe. But one thing about me towards veges is I love to eat chilies. For me it has goooood taste ever till you got tears.

See.. it is good. As a tekak melayu type of person I love spicy sooooooooooooo much. I even put some chilies in my omelette, maggi, nasi goreng, extra in tomyam, and eat them as ulam sometime. All about chilies especially when I got flu. It works to help me reducing my flu. I wish it will not effect my health. *cross finger*

I took this picture when I'm half of my way putting aside the not-well-cooked veges
Bye bye green stuff. Boooo.

I wish my future son and daughter will eat veges without any problem. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


I currently falling in love with Vivy's blog named as PROUDDUCK. This women really inspiring and has her own aura in term of fashion and lifestyle. 
Yeah I know you guys will be a bit weird of me because took women as inspiration but for me not. It just normal. Please say that I am so true! Haha. 

Yes women really inspired me a lot you know? And till this second I still don't get it why. 
Maybe I growing up with two sisters that I used to play with a lot. Share stories and what not. Plus having a very awesome mom. I am a weirdo guy I might say. 

I do watch gurlish tv program just to get inspired with what women had done to this world. They able to manage themselves and be an icon the each other. I know men do so but I don't see much. Or maybe less exposure. See there ton program about women on the tv but men not? 

This woman called Vivy really inspired me when it come to lifestyle. A mompreneur (working mom) who able to manage her life balance with her workload. There were also jokes in her writing. Thanks to friend of mine who asked me to read the blog up. Now I keep reading the blog even I realise I've exam to be sit tomorrow. Urgh.

So anyway I just did some spring cleaning or I might said jerebu cleaning on my ig. Just deleting all my pictures and spamming with more. Sorry guys. Just did a little annoying throwback thing that people might like and dislike. But I don't care. :P

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unofficially Finish

This week gonna be a very memorable week ever because i'm gonna finish my degree. Yay. No more books and notes again (phew i'm a teacher how come i could run from books). Five and half years been here in IPG Perlis created much memories that i will remember till the last of my breath. 

I can't figure out how i survived this past 5 years.which i don't ever like being a teacher and out of the blue i did it. 
I said to my friend "seriously i don't like being a teacher" 
but now it come vise versa. I still work into it.  

Being a student taught me a lot about life, friends, love and some of adult stuff (please don't get me wrong haha) my life a little messy in my few week back because of the study stuff like viva presentation which i really survived with the killer Q&A session, examination, action research that i don't really understand what i'm writing about and all. I think i need long vacation and can't wait to get my hair cut or manicure and pedicure maybe.

And yes congrats to whom able to be posted earlier to the school and please behave. Me? I don't know. I will face my internship then it will come later. Congrats again. To friends whom getting married a big congratulation to you guys. Still waiting for mine. Where my girl huh? 

And f*ck i just know a trick on how to use the washing machine for free without putting in any single coin in the coin box. urghhh... but yeah at least i can use the trick once. haha. If the junior wanna know about it just pm me with money. 

Till then.
Thank you readers.