Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hari tu aku ada buat spot check buku budak. Kelas relief ja pun tapi aku punya concern tu lebih dari guru besar. Punya la aku check sorang2. Since it is the last class of that year/standard so their performance was bad. Buku pun malas jaga. 

Aku yang emosi tu marah la depa sbb tak balut buku, tak bawa buku mai sekolah sbb aku dulu ni mungkin kategori budak pakai spek (skema) tapi tak la skema cuma sejenis Hello Mr Perfect. 
Hey hampa mai sekolah nak belajaq ka nak main? Come on guys u come to school with NO books? Like whattt. Tgh aku marah2 tu sampai la kat sorang budak ni. 

Perempuan. Yes a GIRL!

Buku dia mashallah teruk spontaneously aku marah la dia semua yang lain tgh kecut perut dah tgk cikgu kerek depan kelas marah. Ye la aku baru kat sekolah tu buat kerek marah2 depa. Dengan penuh in character mood aku tak semena2 marah dia "Hoi ni buku ka belacan?!!" then I pause for few second before I laugh like death. Lawak ok sbb terbayangkan video Si Syafika buku ka belacan tu. Nasib budak yang aku marah tu tak menjawab. 

Ok cikgu lain marah mungkin sbb sayang tp kalau aku marah itu lawak and please don't be kerek teacher. Btw I'd end my internship for good. Thank you all!

Monday, November 2, 2015

We Grown Up

Since I start working on my internship I feel like I've grown up a bit. Yeah in term of size for sure because I stay at home eating my mom cooking. Oh chubs! Then in term of time management lah because I think I been a little bit busy doing many school tasks. No exception my best friends Shud and Muhaimin. 

Shud busy working at the office in one of the private company as HR clerk. We seldom meet this few month not like before. Muhaimin now fighting with his final year. Haha. Pity you dude. I almost done! *evil laugh* 

Since then, I realize we are now have grown up to one new stage to face the reality of life. The topic discuss also have change and show maturity of us even we need to be childish sometime, Now almost 10 years we've been together as friends. Wow clap clap clap. Hopefully our friendship long last till heaven. 


*like that* gah

Short catch up with Shud after bought the present for my mom. 

Oh yeah. Since yesterday was my mom's birthday so I wanna wish Happy 56 Belated Birthday may Allah shower my mom with full of blessing and give you good fortune, good health. I have made a little surprise to my mom because she wasn't home for a week so I have time to make preparation. 

I Love You Mak!

Thanks guys. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TRAVEL : A day trip to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

I'm now start working back after a few days break due to bad haze in Penang. Last weekend I went to Shah Alam again to sent my niece back home. After almost a month at my mom house so she decided (we decided for her actually) to go back. We took ETS to KL Sentral because I feel insecure to take flight. I don't want to had a near death experience. Seriously I have fear when I think of the flight cannot landing. 

For almost a month taking care of my niece so my sister and bro-in-law brought us to Bukit Tinggi as they wanna test their new car and as a treat as well. I never been there before so I feel a bit excited to take picture. Then I realize that I'm getting fat. urghhh... don't like the feeling. decided to not to do so. 

To enter Berjaya Hills we need to pay entrance fee RM13 for adult and RM8 for child. We went to Japanese Walk first before taking pictures with black swan at Colmar Tropicale. I love the architecture of the building there. Amazing.


To go there we can have the shuttle bus or you drive there. As advice to you guys you better bring your own drink and food because the price up there is so  cheap pricy tell ya.

Sorry if the post is not proper and short because I was so busy lately with study matter finishing my internship.

Thanks Guy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Malaysian Attitude

The topic on the title can make a controversy among Malaysian. Gah!

Air pollution index had shown bad result of unhealthy air. Since then most school in Malaysia had been off for two days.  So kids would be happy for the out of the blue holidays and teacher as well like me. *yay* but poor for the PT3 and SPM candidates who already prepared for the exam. Guys, its ok you can still do preparation on the paper. The holidays won't decrease your enthusiasm right? Please, its actually for your own health. 

Talking about health, I found out that Malaysian awareness towards pollution still at low level. Yesterday I went out to buy some groceries at the market and saw people don't wear face mask even they know the air pollution is bad. I had a conversation with my mom along the way to the market after we saw lotsa people just ignore the important of wearing face mask. 

Mom said: Orang Malaysia ni bukannya sedaq keburukan jerebu ni. It'll affect the future health. Lagi takdak yang mati memang depa tak pakai face mask!

Amboi Mak kelasss. 

From my view Malaysian got this one problem called shy at wrong place (malu tak bertempat) to do something they never do before. They realised the air around them was not good but they still won't put on the face mask. Only few of them wear the mask. Guys you just put on mask not throw off your clothes. What to be shame? Come on. 

Malaysian let's change our mindset. Think of good not the shame part. Do reading on the affect of air pollution and please wear face mask!

Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Meet Up at LOFT 67

Last thursday I got a chance to have a little meet up with my best friends after quite sometime we didn't see each other. As I remember our last meeting was on the eid fitri last few month. 

How I miss them a lot. 

*cry holding hand*


We decided to meet at Loft 67 since we need to have short meet up because Muhaimin wanna go back to UMK for his final year in vet and Shud got meeting at char kuey teow after maghrib. 

Even we just having short meeting it give us lots of happiness and we chat a lot. Thanks Muhaimin for the gift from Japan. I got tunugui and fridge magnet yay! I can add my fridge magnet collection. Don't you know I love to collect fridge magnet?


Since I started my internship at the school, I feel a bit stress because teaching is not my forte. I need to have more personal time. Actually I never wish to be at school for the whole of my life. 


Its boring guys.

Talking about the cafe that we just discovered LOFT 67, Kulim so I can said that it just a nice place to have chit chat with your friends or business partner. They serve lots of coffee and foods. The cafe's deco also very nice and cozy. Its more to kedai kopi cina type of decoration. The Nachos and Dip price is RM8 and my coffee RM9. Tu ja aku ingat. 

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weird Taste *yuck*

I got flu since bad haze 

I'm not the one who tak-makan-sayur type of person but since I realised something about myself towards vegetables thing. I found that I do not eat still-fresh-after-cooked veges especially when it come to mustard, tomato and union.

They are weirdo.

From what I remember, I don't like eating green type of veges when I was a kid same as my brother but as I grow up I learnt to eat those stuff. I realised its good to our health, eyes, skin bla bla bla.
But still I don't like eat those I mentioned above because they have weird taste when they're not fully cooked. I will ate them if they were cooked withered like in tomyam or on the top of pizza. Tasteless.

I try to eat fresh cherry tomato once given by my cousin but it ended up with throw up, guys. I don't get it. It has weird taste which my buds can't even accept *yucks* My mom get me so when she cooks she will make sure it will fully withered so that I can ate them. Thanks you mom for understand me. 

So when I going out with my friends I will take sometime to put the veges (onion, not-well-cooked mustard and tomato) aside. I just don't want to spoil them from throwing up. Hehe. But one thing about me towards veges is I love to eat chilies. For me it has goooood taste ever till you got tears.

See.. it is good. As a tekak melayu type of person I love spicy sooooooooooooo much. I even put some chilies in my omelette, maggi, nasi goreng, extra in tomyam, and eat them as ulam sometime. All about chilies especially when I got flu. It works to help me reducing my flu. I wish it will not effect my health. *cross finger*

I took this picture when I'm half of my way putting aside the not-well-cooked veges
Bye bye green stuff. Boooo.

I wish my future son and daughter will eat veges without any problem. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


I currently falling in love with Vivy's blog named as PROUDDUCK. This women really inspiring and has her own aura in term of fashion and lifestyle. 
Yeah I know you guys will be a bit weird of me because took women as inspiration but for me not. It just normal. Please say that I am so true! Haha. 

Yes women really inspired me a lot you know? And till this second I still don't get it why. 
Maybe I growing up with two sisters that I used to play with a lot. Share stories and what not. Plus having a very awesome mom. I am a weirdo guy I might say. 

I do watch gurlish tv program just to get inspired with what women had done to this world. They able to manage themselves and be an icon the each other. I know men do so but I don't see much. Or maybe less exposure. See there ton program about women on the tv but men not? 

This woman called Vivy really inspired me when it come to lifestyle. A mompreneur (working mom) who able to manage her life balance with her workload. There were also jokes in her writing. Thanks to friend of mine who asked me to read the blog up. Now I keep reading the blog even I realise I've exam to be sit tomorrow. Urgh.

So anyway I just did some spring cleaning or I might said jerebu cleaning on my ig. Just deleting all my pictures and spamming with more. Sorry guys. Just did a little annoying throwback thing that people might like and dislike. But I don't care. :P

Do follow!
Thank you readers!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unofficially Finish

This week gonna be a very memorable week ever because i'm gonna finish my degree. Yay. No more books and notes again (phew i'm a teacher how come i could run from books). Five and half years been here in IPG Perlis created much memories that i will remember till the last of my breath. 

I can't figure out how i survived this past 5 years.which i don't ever like being a teacher and out of the blue i did it. 
I said to my friend "seriously i don't like being a teacher" 
but now it come vise versa. I still work into it.  

Being a student taught me a lot about life, friends, love and some of adult stuff (please don't get me wrong haha) my life a little messy in my few week back because of the study stuff like viva presentation which i really survived with the killer Q&A session, examination, action research that i don't really understand what i'm writing about and all. I think i need long vacation and can't wait to get my hair cut or manicure and pedicure maybe.

And yes congrats to whom able to be posted earlier to the school and please behave. Me? I don't know. I will face my internship then it will come later. Congrats again. To friends whom getting married a big congratulation to you guys. Still waiting for mine. Where my girl huh? 

And f*ck i just know a trick on how to use the washing machine for free without putting in any single coin in the coin box. urghhh... but yeah at least i can use the trick once. haha. If the junior wanna know about it just pm me with money. 

Till then.
Thank you readers.

Monday, August 24, 2015


A true traveler never plan. This is my unplanned escape. People, you must remember don't ever be a tourist but be a traveler. Once you travel you're traveler. Life is about move on and no throwback. Pack your bag and leave for the world. 

Seven Wells Waterfall

Black Sand Beach

Bare face!!
Sky Bridge, Mt. Macinchang

Kok Beach

Thank you readers.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Resepi Chicken Burrito @ Chicken Wrap

Tedia aku nak share resepi kat sini. Kau mampu??? Kata Diva AA. Hari tu aku watched movie Pitch Perfect 2 ada satu babak tu masa nak create lagu Santa Clause mamat black tu tanya Becca Mitchell kerja sebagai apa kat studio. Becca jawab bancuh kopi dgn serve chicken burrito terus aku rasa nak masak chicken burritos hampa tau. Orang lain tengok movie tu pakat nyanyi Flash Light - Jessei J aku kalut nak buat chicken burritos lepas tgk movie tu. pelik nau! Pelik! Nak buat benda ni bukan susah pun haa. Senang nak mampuih. Mampuih hokey. Mampuih.

Bahan-bahan :
Roti tortilla 
Burger ayam (aku guna Ramly)
Mayonis + thousand island sauce
Bawang Holland 
Tomato segar

Cara-cara nak masak :
Panaskan majerin. Goreng burger ayam. Ikut suka hati hampa nak goreng banyak mana. Ketepikan. 
Guna minyak majerin goreng tadi jugak. Gorengkan bawang holland dengan tomato sampai layu. Masukkan sedikit garam dan blackpepper. Tak bubuh pun takpa. 
Potong burger ayam memanjang untuk senang wrap. Kalau nak dadu ka dam ka ikut hampa la. Suka hati hampa. Ada aku kisah. 
Wrapkan salad, burger ayam, mayonis + thousand island sauce, bawang + tomato. 
Panaskan pan utk bakar wrap tadi. 
Siap dah noks. 

Kan aku dah kata tadi. Senang hokey !  Kalau dah cuba boleh post kat ig tag @mohdhzwn #DapurBujangHazwan #SimpleRecipe 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Eid 2015

Salam hari raya semua.

Tak lambat lagi kot nak ucap selamat hari raya. Baru raya ke4. Kepada yang dah bekerja selamat membuat kerja. Yang dah mula kuliah selamat belajar (macam aku). Untuk raya tahun ni memang sangat sederhana sambutan untuk aku dgn family. Bukan apa malas nak sambut meriah sebab tak semua berkumpul tahun ni. For first day raya as usual drama salam beserta duit raya. Then lepas sembahyang raya aku jd co chef sampai petang. Mereciks peluh abam. Laksa homemade paling laris tahun ni. Phew. 

Actually mode raya aku belum turn off sepenuhnya walaupun dah mula kuliah tapi kena jugak paksa. Tak bersemangat. Tapi takpa abam payung gambar raya bagi hampa semua happy sikit nak buat kerja ka apa. Muntah hokay!. 

Selamat Hari Raya

First outfit
Baju Melayu : Bandung
Sampin : Arwah abah punya

Second Outfit
Kurta : Al-Haraman (beli kat Giant ja)
Skinny : PDI
Kasut : Converse Sneaker

Thursday, June 18, 2015

FOOD: The Library Coffee Bar, Alma, Penang.

Semalam sempena nak sambut Ramadhan aku saja la pergi cuci mata area Aeon Mall Alma. Plan asal nak beli perfume tapi tak jadi sebab consider nilai mata wang dalam wallet. Jadi jalan-jalan ja la. Kebetulan teringat nak singgah kat The Library Coffee Bar ni. Orang kata interior deco cafe ni best jadi aku teruja sikit nak pi tapi ternyata best gila cafe ni memang cantik. Nak cari cafe ni senang sangat sbb landmark dia adalah Tesco Bukit Mertajam. Betul-betul depan Tesco.


Dia buat ala-ala library tu yang nama cafe ni The Library Coffee Bar. Suka jugak kalau all universities got this kind of library. Nice and very cozy. Untuk minum-minum kat situ aku pilih White Chocolate Ice Blended yg berharga RM13.96 for regular size. Sedap jugak sbb rasa creamy and smoothie. Banyak pilihan coffee sampai taktau nak pilih yang mana. Cake pun ada jugak. 

Ni bukan gambar google tau. Aku edit guna vsco cam. Senang upload pilih tekan siap. Memandangkan aku kesorangan so terpaksa minta tolong brader kat situ snap satu picture aku. Ye la takdak sapa nak ajak aku keluar. Nasib baik muka aku muka tak malu. 

Oh ya yang special jugak tentang cafe ni dia ada service drive thru okey. Sangat kelasss. Sapa-sapa nak pi kerja tak sempat nak meng-kopi boleh drive thru sambaq secawan. 

So boleh la datang cafe ni:

The Library Coffee Bar
2333, Impiana Gallery,
Jalan Rohzan, Alma, 
Bukit Mertajam 14000, Penang. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FOOD : Garam Masala Indian Kitchen, Sungai Petani

Setelah sekian lama tak jumpa dengan best friends forever aku dua orang tu, Shud dan Muhaimin, jadi semalam decide nak keluar lepak sama-sama kebetulan aku nak deliver sekali barang untuk depa yg aku beli kat Langkawi hari tu dan Muhaimin pulak nak bg sourviner dari Bangkok dan sekaligus nak sambut belated birthday aku. Siap surprise lagu Birthday Cake by Rihanna okey. Gila tak gila depa ni. Dah la main belasah ja nyanyi. Haha. 

Then untuk lunch kami hari tu kami pilih nak lunch kat area Amanjaya Mall tu ja tapi tak banyak choice la situ. The Manhantan Fishmarket ja yg menarik. Yang lain biasa-biasa saja. Tapi tau saja lah kalau makan situ mau kanser duit wallet aku. Jadi keluar je dari pintu mall nampak Garam Masala Indian Kitchen terus masing-masing macam ok nak makan situ. Btw restoran ni betul-betul depan pintu keluar Amanjaya Mall tepi The Manhantan Fishmarket tu. 

Premis yang bersih kemas dan aku suka dekorasi bingkai gambar kat dalam tu. Siap pasang lagu hindustan kau. Terus fefeeling kat Mumbai ke New Delhi ke. Haha. Pelayan yang ramah dan suggestkan makanan untuk dipilih. Menu depa bg jugak tau. 

Aku pilih nak makan Mutton Thali. Aku tak tau la thali tu tali apa yg penting sedap dan terasa makanan dia. Jangan kata tali pusat sudah. Siap hidang alas daun pisang naaa. Kemahen. Harga dia RM 11.90 satu set. Pastu aku minum Pudina Lemon RM4.00 satu gelas. 

Muhaimin dengan Shud pilih menu sama iaitu Chicken Fried Rice sebab depa dah kenyang breakfast pagi tu. Aku just bedal betik ja pagi tu so makan berat sikit. Harga makanan depa RM 5.50 sepinggan. Shud minum Iced Lemon Tea dan Muhaimin try Sugar Cane with Lime harga masing-masing RM 4.00 jugak. 

Servis charge yang kami kena RM 2.09 sahaja. Ada lagi yang signature dish yang kami tak try so kalau hampa nak pi boleh la try yang lain jugak. Jangan lupa share rasa dia macam mana. 
Ni alamat:

Garam Masala
No. 2 Jalan Jati Pusat Perniagaan Aman Jaya,08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah. 


Thursday, June 4, 2015

TRAVEL : Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

Happy holiday guys! 

Ni aku nak update sikit pasai Pulau Langkawi. Untuk cuti sem kali ni aku plan dengan kawan-kawan nak holiday kat Langkawi. Plan asal nak ke Krabi tapi bajet menyusut jadi tukar bercuti dalam Malaysia sudah. Malaysia Truly Asia katanya. Kami ber-Langkawi selama 4 hari 3 malam. 

Kami pilih untuk ke Pulau Langkawi via flight. Lagi pun tiket tengah murah time tu. Kami pilih Air Asia dengan harga tiket sehala Pen -Lgk RM39 sahaja. Murah bukan? Kalau yg prefer naik ferry harga RM36 (return) dari Kuala Perlis. Aku naik flight sebab dekat. Kami depart pukul 4 ptg. Flight just 15 minit sahaja. 

Sampai airport kami ambek teksi sahaja ke Pantai Chenang dgn harga RM18. Kami stay di AB Motel. Harga bilik kami ambil RM130 satu malam beach side. 
Petang tu kami enjoy sunset sahaja. 

Hari kedua kat sana kami island hopping. 
Pakej kami ambek under AB Tour and Travel harga RM27 termasuk fee Pulau Dayang Bunting. Tapi nasib kami tak baik sangat sebab bot kami naik rosak so kena tumpang bot lain yang memaksa kami tunggu lama. Island hopping termasuk tiga pulau tau. Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar dgn Pulau Beras Basah. 

Sampai bilik petang tu kami just mereput dalam bilik sebab hujan takleh mandi pantai. Ombak besar engko. 
Malam kami keluar cari makan dekat area motel kami duduk tu. Lagipun situ sangat strategik sebab dekat dengan Cenang Mall, tempat makan dan Underwater World. 

Aku makan dekat My French Factory. Aku try dia punya signature dish iaitu Salted CrĂªpe. 

Tengah malam kawan-kawan aku buat beach party celebrate birthday aku yg ke23. Thank you so much!

Hari ketiga kami decide to go shopping dekat Pekan Kuah. Kebetulan nak beli tiket feri balik. Kami shopping coklat dekat Haji Ismail Group sebab murah dari tempat lain. Aku rembat kain batik 2 helai kat mak aku. Haha. Anak mak kan. 

Malamnya tu family angkat datang Cenang nak jumpa setelah sekian lama tak jumpa. 

Waktu balik dah sampai. Kami check out pukul 12.00 tghhari. Btw kat AB Motel kena bayar deposit kunci RM50 in case hilang dan boleh refund time check out. 

So that's my travel journey kat Langkawi Island. 

Tips: Kalau datang sini better tak payah sewa kereta or moto. Naik ja teksi sebab harga lagi murah dari bajet sewa kereta dan lagi selamat sebab org sini naik kereta macam dapat lesen haram tak pi sekolah memandu.