Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TRAVEL : A day trip to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

I'm now start working back after a few days break due to bad haze in Penang. Last weekend I went to Shah Alam again to sent my niece back home. After almost a month at my mom house so she decided (we decided for her actually) to go back. We took ETS to KL Sentral because I feel insecure to take flight. I don't want to had a near death experience. Seriously I have fear when I think of the flight cannot landing. 

For almost a month taking care of my niece so my sister and bro-in-law brought us to Bukit Tinggi as they wanna test their new car and as a treat as well. I never been there before so I feel a bit excited to take picture. Then I realize that I'm getting fat. urghhh... don't like the feeling. decided to not to do so. 

To enter Berjaya Hills we need to pay entrance fee RM13 for adult and RM8 for child. We went to Japanese Walk first before taking pictures with black swan at Colmar Tropicale. I love the architecture of the building there. Amazing.


To go there we can have the shuttle bus or you drive there. As advice to you guys you better bring your own drink and food because the price up there is so  cheap pricy tell ya.

Sorry if the post is not proper and short because I was so busy lately with study matter finishing my internship.

Thanks Guy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Malaysian Attitude

The topic on the title can make a controversy among Malaysian. Gah!

Air pollution index had shown bad result of unhealthy air. Since then most school in Malaysia had been off for two days.  So kids would be happy for the out of the blue holidays and teacher as well like me. *yay* but poor for the PT3 and SPM candidates who already prepared for the exam. Guys, its ok you can still do preparation on the paper. The holidays won't decrease your enthusiasm right? Please, its actually for your own health. 

Talking about health, I found out that Malaysian awareness towards pollution still at low level. Yesterday I went out to buy some groceries at the market and saw people don't wear face mask even they know the air pollution is bad. I had a conversation with my mom along the way to the market after we saw lotsa people just ignore the important of wearing face mask. 

Mom said: Orang Malaysia ni bukannya sedaq keburukan jerebu ni. It'll affect the future health. Lagi takdak yang mati memang depa tak pakai face mask!

Amboi Mak kelasss. 

From my view Malaysian got this one problem called shy at wrong place (malu tak bertempat) to do something they never do before. They realised the air around them was not good but they still won't put on the face mask. Only few of them wear the mask. Guys you just put on mask not throw off your clothes. What to be shame? Come on. 

Malaysian let's change our mindset. Think of good not the shame part. Do reading on the affect of air pollution and please wear face mask!

Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Meet Up at LOFT 67

Last thursday I got a chance to have a little meet up with my best friends after quite sometime we didn't see each other. As I remember our last meeting was on the eid fitri last few month. 

How I miss them a lot. 

*cry holding hand*


We decided to meet at Loft 67 since we need to have short meet up because Muhaimin wanna go back to UMK for his final year in vet and Shud got meeting at char kuey teow after maghrib. 

Even we just having short meeting it give us lots of happiness and we chat a lot. Thanks Muhaimin for the gift from Japan. I got tunugui and fridge magnet yay! I can add my fridge magnet collection. Don't you know I love to collect fridge magnet?


Since I started my internship at the school, I feel a bit stress because teaching is not my forte. I need to have more personal time. Actually I never wish to be at school for the whole of my life. 


Its boring guys.

Talking about the cafe that we just discovered LOFT 67, Kulim so I can said that it just a nice place to have chit chat with your friends or business partner. They serve lots of coffee and foods. The cafe's deco also very nice and cozy. Its more to kedai kopi cina type of decoration. The Nachos and Dip price is RM8 and my coffee RM9. Tu ja aku ingat. 

Thanks guys!