Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hi guys!

Being super duper busy these days stopping me from updating my blog. Having too many workloads and need to kill it one by one are now driving me crazy! Lots of assignments need to be submitted in a short time, dramatization for kids, APTIS test, KOAM test, workshop and many more. My weekend these few weeks been burned with those things. 

BUT laziness still being the king in myself. Hahaha. Anyhow i need to finish all those work before school holidays and of course before my very first practicum. Btw, i've chosen to be posted in SK Guar Nangka, Perlis. Not to far and not really near to my campus. Looking forward for my practicum - yes my heart beating faster and more faster. Need to be well-prepared with the knowledge and the activities for the kids. InshaAllah i will give the best. Maybe i should have the different in teaching the kids. Will see how it goes.


Today is the 5th day of the missing plane MH370. Malaysia been shocked by the news of the missing plane MH370 to Beijing last week. The tracing process still on and i really hope the flight would be found. I first knew the news from the instagram after one of my following instagramer posted a picture #PrayForMH370 on her instagram. Then i keep searching the news about it. The news really make me sad. I was shocked after reading the news, picture. 

Many speculation had been wrote up in the social media. The truth and the wrong. For those who're making the speculation please stop it and stop giving us rumours. Pity the family members of the passengers and the cabin crew. Their heart now inflamed and don't break their heart. Stop seeking for attention peeps. As Malaysian we need to show our responsibility and kindness to them for at least pray to God. The world are watching us. Don't stop praying the best for the flight. MH370 please come back safely!

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