Thursday, May 7, 2015

Move On

Hi everyone! Hope you guys are in the pink of health.

I possibly cannot believe that my practicum phase was over for good. Means there is NO more practicum in my lifetime (for now). Being there in school for three month wasn't an easy to let it go! Oh before that, I've been posted to SK Jalan Pegawai, Kedah.

I enjoy every single thing I did especially  with the teacher in that school. With the unpaid experienced and unforgettable moment how I wish time to fly slower. It wasn't enough to know each other better. I've learnt many things in that school which I can't get that experience in anywhere else.

The last day was the most hard day to be faced by me (and maybe the teachers too) when we need to say good bye to all teachers, staffs and pupils. Thank you for the farewell party 4 Arif (2015), from the teachers too who willingly collected money to have that party and the long sleeve shirt too. I wish I have a very good time with you guys as long as I was there. Up to this second I still cannot move myself on toward that people in that school.

I really hope I would get that kind of colleague when I start my journey in this teaching field. People who were very happy-go-lucky, talkative, suka mengusik, treating us etc. Easy for us to feel comfortable with the school and not working under pressure.

We shouldn't say good bye but till we meet again.

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