Monday, November 2, 2015

We Grown Up

Since I start working on my internship I feel like I've grown up a bit. Yeah in term of size for sure because I stay at home eating my mom cooking. Oh chubs! Then in term of time management lah because I think I been a little bit busy doing many school tasks. No exception my best friends Shud and Muhaimin. 

Shud busy working at the office in one of the private company as HR clerk. We seldom meet this few month not like before. Muhaimin now fighting with his final year. Haha. Pity you dude. I almost done! *evil laugh* 

Since then, I realize we are now have grown up to one new stage to face the reality of life. The topic discuss also have change and show maturity of us even we need to be childish sometime, Now almost 10 years we've been together as friends. Wow clap clap clap. Hopefully our friendship long last till heaven. 


*like that* gah

Short catch up with Shud after bought the present for my mom. 

Oh yeah. Since yesterday was my mom's birthday so I wanna wish Happy 56 Belated Birthday may Allah shower my mom with full of blessing and give you good fortune, good health. I have made a little surprise to my mom because she wasn't home for a week so I have time to make preparation. 

I Love You Mak!

Thanks guys. 

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