Saturday, January 8, 2011


ape ah nak cite. malam ni mcm bosan je sebab x leh nk tido. tido lame sgt siang tadi.
urm.. after watch the vidoe fully i can concluded that there's a blissful in their relationship. for sure la there some people a bit jealous to them especially the MEZ. right??? for those who watching that video they really can understand what i try to say.
actually, i also have that feeling (jealous) to them. hehe... i don't have any girls that i can her as my beloved girl. i don't know why??? i always asked my soul that why i really hard to have girlfriend. hmm.. x da jodoh kot. hee... not really probably i'm too choosy.
of course i am. choosy to get the perfect one to me. she will taking care of my n my life in the future so of course wanted the perfect, right???
and stop asking me that "why you still don't have any girlfriend?"
because the answers is "I'M TOO CHOOSY!!!"

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