Saturday, February 8, 2014

PEPPY SATURDAY : Scholarship

Hi guys.

Alhamdulillah,we just received the scholarship from MOE last night. Mean, I need to spent my money wisely throughout this hectic semester.

Will be going through the practicum and all those thing really challenge me a lot to make a monthly budget. Everyone seem happy after the money is in the account but we must remember that we need to spent it on the right thing. Differentiate between will and need.

TIPS: Make a monthly budget to make sure we did not spent it over.

Actually, my friend just invited me to join them for a simple/short vacay to Malaysia's Maldives (Perhentian Island) but since the package is over the budget so we decided not to go there this semester or else we change the place. I interested to visit Singapore. Thinking of the currency maybe I need to plan well.


So any ideas on this???
InsyaAllah, I really hope for the best seem this semester.

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