Friday, January 31, 2014

SHOUT OUT: Happy 2nd Birthday Nur Hanis Insyirah

hi guys

i had blogged this for my first niece, Qaisara, before and on this date two years back my second niece coming into our life. Nur Hanis Insyirah who cheers us a lot with her cuteness.

with the present of her in our family its really making our days. when we gather as one whole big family both of them will come out with lots of coquettish that make us smile all the way.

so on this blessing day of Insyirah's birthday i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishing you and your love ones the health and happiness this world has to offer. grow up and be a nice girl to all. i love you so much!

May your life full with blessing, happiness, joyful, success, live in good health and good fortune.

remember i told both of you to be good in all parts of life. study smart and don't forget your family plus i hope both of your will continue my dream to study abroad!


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