Friday, January 1, 2016

Backpacker or Glamorous Travel?

Hello 2016!

Had been so long since my last update on this page. Miss you guys! Eh did you miss me??? Ahaxs. Just came across on this one column from one of Malaysian magazine. They discussed about to travel via glamorous or backpack? 

As a traveler (can I called myself traveler?) lantak lah aku pi travel so memang traveler la kan... so I would choose more to backpacker type of travel. So why? Because I found travelling through backpack can help you to learn more about the places that you go. Since my first travelling scene started I choose to go like glamorous travel so its end with I lost lots of my money. 

Then on my third travel scene I choose to travel just backpack and I choose Singapore as my destination. Yes then I found that was the kind of travel I want. Stayed at budget hostel, used public transport, ate once a day, walked to find place, met new people, did less shopping. I spent RM350 for four days at Singapore rather than almost RM1000 at Sabah, East Malaysia and Bandung, Indonesia. 

For people out there if you wish to go travel better go backpack. Get a map, study and ask people a lot. Don't afraid to communicate with people you meet. Bring light backpack and less clothes. :) 



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