Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Working From Home

Phew its been quite long I don't do blogging. What a blogger?! My second post in 2016.

As a 'grape planter' with honours so I always thinking of finding good job to help my family. Almost 5 interview session I went but all the same answer I got 'wait for our call'. What the F! You want employee right?! Please MOE I want a job now. I don't want just to sit and eat all the time at home otherwise I can get fat and more fat and gain more weight sooooo I come out with a small online business selling cookies. Do check our ig @mymumproject.co to know more.


Then I found out that working from home is one of the best way to get flexible time and schedule. You can cook-eat-work-tidy up home at a same time. But yeah we are not robot or have 46237 hands to do all that in second but we can do cleaning and whatsoever following our own schedule. Right? Syok ooo kerja dari rumah. If we stress we can eat, sleep bla bla bla. But in doing business we need to have big focus on that. To those who still have no job I would suggest you to have a business. 

I love my work station at home! 

Thank you for reading. 

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