Tuesday, April 19, 2011

letter to my mock family

TO:   My Beloved Mock Family

What actually happen to us??? Where is our promise to be united till the end of our life??? You all really know I miss you my mock family so much!!! Dah lama kita x together gather macam dulu. Seriously I miss that time. Again and again. Why we should not to be together??? Kalau together pun sat2 jaa.. Why??? Don't said because of the advice from someone. That just a small matter. And don't make love as the gab for us for not to be united again. Although we just a 'mock family' but I really assumed that we like a true family. I love you as I love my flesh blood, my family. Jangan la kita berterusan tidak bersama lagi. Maybe we can't meet again ater five years here. As we know after this we need to separate ourselves for our responsibilities as a teacher. Melainkan between us yang getting married to each other. I don't want to lost you all. You know what, our mock family make me more strengthen to be here face with my problem. Teach me the meaning of adult and matured. Dulu kita pernah janji nak sentiasa bersama suka duka, tawa riang bersama. But now it become disappear from us. Why this happen??? Please I want back my mock family which can share anything, laughing, sadness. I know some of us in love but don't make it as the gab okay. Maybe only me feel this but I don't know in your side. If I make mistake for this post I begging you please forgive me but I confessing that I feel this now. Sorry. Remember this "We will united till the end of our life." I love my mock family so much!!!!

I will always miss you all!!!

-lots of love-

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