Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sparkle Project by Samsung Galaxy Note with YUNA

assalamualaikum and hello

kasi intro sikit.. =D

well. semua orang kenal dengan Yuna Zarai kan. ohsem singer! yeay.. nyanyi sikit lagu dia.. sapa tak kenal sila terjun dalam telaga. femes okay. international singer and was 'born' from youtube.  

oh bulan
enggan melayan diriku lagi
pabila air mata membasahi pipi
dan lagu-lagu diradio seolah-olah memerli aku...

ini tidak adil tidak adil bagi ku
ini tidak adil untuk engkau ... bla bla bla

opppsss cukup!

back to main objective. sekarang Yuna dengan kolaborasi with Samsung Galaxy Note tengah buat satu project beb. nak tau project apa? that's a very good question. THE SPARKLE PROJECT untuk single terbaru Yuna yang tajuk 'Sparkle'.  tujuan utama project ni adalah untuk membuat video clip sepenuhnya menggunakan Samsung Galaxy Note untuk single terbaru dia ni. kalau nak dengar boleh la start google or else pergi dekat youtube. haha. 

so Yuna need our help to give and help them throw out some good ideas in the making of the video. so siapa yang ada idea-idea yang bagus boleh la sumbangkan kepada Yuna and the gang untuk siapkan video klip ni. ouhh.. tak tau caranya? that's easy and you can just go to this link and it will appear this. 

so then pilih la The Idea Cloud. from there you can listen to the song, chat with Yuna and many more too. after choose that one it will coming out with the theme for that week. like this week the theme are HOPE and COURAGE so korang boleh pilih theme yang bersesuaian la dengan idea korang. untuk cadangan idea macam-macam cara anda boleh buat. sama ada nak scribble, uploading picture, video link or written way.

ehsan daripada

then lepas siap semua don't ever forget to submit your idea to The Sparkle Project punya site. let's try mana tau idea anda terpilih untuk bikin this video clip. you can submit many ideas you like and ask you friends and family to join to okey. belum cuba belum tau. anddddd.... wish me to have this in this short time! ahaks. [when a man become gediks it too pelik!]

so let's try and don't forget to join okay! so tembak je any idea at The Sparkle Project 

nota : sorry need to have some update even though exam is around the corner! wish me luck friends! thanks..

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