Thursday, June 28, 2012


assalamualikum and hello

WARNING! watch this video first.

i just finished my night class with this 'psycho' guy. yeah night class would be damned bored okay. mengalahkan medic student. diaorang pun not that active macam tu nak buat kelas sampai malam. mula-mula macam malas then terpaksa jugak la pergi dan lama-lama jadi okay okay jerrr.

what motive i'm posted that @MariaElena video above.?? put aside the question mark because here let me story.

after the class finished my friend asked me to help him buying the iced tea. he just sms me to order. ingat mecdi ke hapa main order order. haha. so i start to give him a called after i arrived at the cafe asking for what drink that he wanted me to buy.

me : hey, nak ayaq apa?
he : teh o ais and teh ais.
me : okey

a few second later i hit my phone again giving him a called

me : wei nak ayaq pa tak tau??? *muka macam mintak penyepak*
he : teh o ais and teh ais *dengan kesabaran mungkin*
me : ohhh okey2. teh o ais and teh ais.

so that's video really happen in real to me. motip happen??? ntah...


nota : helping others is GOOD

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