Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weird Taste *yuck*

I got flu since bad haze 

I'm not the one who tak-makan-sayur type of person but since I realised something about myself towards vegetables thing. I found that I do not eat still-fresh-after-cooked veges especially when it come to mustard, tomato and union.

They are weirdo.

From what I remember, I don't like eating green type of veges when I was a kid same as my brother but as I grow up I learnt to eat those stuff. I realised its good to our health, eyes, skin bla bla bla.
But still I don't like eat those I mentioned above because they have weird taste when they're not fully cooked. I will ate them if they were cooked withered like in tomyam or on the top of pizza. Tasteless.

I try to eat fresh cherry tomato once given by my cousin but it ended up with throw up, guys. I don't get it. It has weird taste which my buds can't even accept *yucks* My mom get me so when she cooks she will make sure it will fully withered so that I can ate them. Thanks you mom for understand me. 

So when I going out with my friends I will take sometime to put the veges (onion, not-well-cooked mustard and tomato) aside. I just don't want to spoil them from throwing up. Hehe. But one thing about me towards veges is I love to eat chilies. For me it has goooood taste ever till you got tears.

See.. it is good. As a tekak melayu type of person I love spicy sooooooooooooo much. I even put some chilies in my omelette, maggi, nasi goreng, extra in tomyam, and eat them as ulam sometime. All about chilies especially when I got flu. It works to help me reducing my flu. I wish it will not effect my health. *cross finger*

I took this picture when I'm half of my way putting aside the not-well-cooked veges
Bye bye green stuff. Boooo.

I wish my future son and daughter will eat veges without any problem. 

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