Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unofficially Finish

This week gonna be a very memorable week ever because i'm gonna finish my degree. Yay. No more books and notes again (phew i'm a teacher how come i could run from books). Five and half years been here in IPG Perlis created much memories that i will remember till the last of my breath. 

I can't figure out how i survived this past 5 years.which i don't ever like being a teacher and out of the blue i did it. 
I said to my friend "seriously i don't like being a teacher" 
but now it come vise versa. I still work into it.  

Being a student taught me a lot about life, friends, love and some of adult stuff (please don't get me wrong haha) my life a little messy in my few week back because of the study stuff like viva presentation which i really survived with the killer Q&A session, examination, action research that i don't really understand what i'm writing about and all. I think i need long vacation and can't wait to get my hair cut or manicure and pedicure maybe.

And yes congrats to whom able to be posted earlier to the school and please behave. Me? I don't know. I will face my internship then it will come later. Congrats again. To friends whom getting married a big congratulation to you guys. Still waiting for mine. Where my girl huh? 

And f*ck i just know a trick on how to use the washing machine for free without putting in any single coin in the coin box. urghhh... but yeah at least i can use the trick once. haha. If the junior wanna know about it just pm me with money. 

Till then.
Thank you readers.

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