Friday, May 13, 2011

when I see Macbeth in Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Now I gonna write abaout my Macbeth performance. Wah.. gorgeous gila performing korang all my friends!!!! Mantap gila, hebat gila. Yang x pernah nampak bakat tu selama ni selama kita berlatih tapi tonight you guys do the best ever. Watak dapat dihayati dengan sempurna. Memang touching gila la!!! I'm quite sad and regret because since you have the first practice at night I do not do my job as stage manager well. Rasa bersalah gila kat korang semua. I'm sorry okay guys. Forgive me. Actually at that time I'm facing with a problem. Hehe. But whatever it is you all do well for this. I'm proud to of you. All hail Tesl A & B!!! You know what after we done with our performance I'm watching Merong Mahawangsa once again so I found that our Macbeth a little bit the same as that film. The way they fighting the way they talking and what not. Wahhhh.... What the best ever after la. Banyak kenangan sepanjang kita ber'Macbeth' ni kan. Segala komen, panduan dan tunjuk ajar kita halalkan bersama okey. Thanks also to our seniors, lecturers and all our friends that come and support us!!! You guys memang sporting la!!! So I hope we will do well and best for next task okay???? Yeah.... best ever MACBETH!!! Thanks for those who're coming!!

When I see


Good Job Guys TESL A & B!!!!!!!!!!

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