Friday, March 8, 2013

Kucing Kau POYO!

assalamualaikum and hello everybody!

when i read the latest entry from CikEpal then i start missing my cats at home!

but i more miss my family! 

so i start to godek-godek the pictures of the cats ohh that they got showered during weekend? i hope so. did my mom or my abang bongsu kelebek them? i hope so. are they being threatening by other wild cats????

why i love my cats? they help me to release my bored but sometimes they make me bored to care them. malas aku nak bagi makan sebab kalau bab makan tak pernah nak puas. nafsu gajah! kahkahkah.

natang pink tu aku curik my niece punya! kihkihkih

 then they accompany me during me doing assignment. that's good because i would not be so boring mengadap laptop malam-malam. even they not really accompany but disturbing me. hehe. eh fyi i don't have exact name for them. i just call what i want to. hikhik. poor the cats got me as 'tuan' like a boss isn't??

kang aku suruh type baru tau!

i called them lesbo because they both female but kissing each other but in positive way of thinking maybe they love each other because they came from the same tummy!

psst... i just found my ex schoolmates blog's so i have been so excited to read all!


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fareha said...

kucing memang suka ngada-ngada


sebab tu selalu kena buli dgn mai niece. kahkahkah.