Sunday, January 19, 2014

Windy, business and sareegiveaway

hi guys.

today we have been almost three weeks in 2014. much more challenges coming. need to get ready and face it well.

by the way, since i was here in Perlis the weather here very nice even it's cool-dry-season. the strong wind blowing day and night , it is very nice and cool. sometime i need to back into reality where i am still here in Malaysia. yes! seriously the windy season here make me feel like i am in London. what daaa...

wake up daily with the coolness of the wind outside my room walking to take the wudhuk every day wah i feel the different. perform solat with the cardigan on and shawl blanket around my neck. what the heck i am wearing? seriously. kalau tidak terketar-ketar kau angkat takbir okey.

i need heater in my room. aku je kot yang feeling terlebih ni? but yes it's cool here. nak kata lemak aku menipis since aku terpaksa diet dek kerana elaun tak masuk lagi pun bukan.

my skin effected a lil bit. its dry and flake off. need to frequently washing my face.

alhamdulillah, my business will start in few weeks. thanks to my both share partner fikri and izham. so you guys can check this out on our fb page House of Saree

and don't forget to join their special giveaway! What you just needed is follow the instruction and win! Just click on the link. #sareegiveaway is the trademark!

with that thanks and love you!

i think i need hot lemon tea with a slice of cheese cake. bye!

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