Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TRAVEL: Sabah Trip (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum and hello 2013!

Kundasang here we are!
After about 2 hours flight so we arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport around 9.55am on 17 Nov 2012 we’re very excited because after planned about a year for this trip finally its came true.  After we got our rental cars we off to Kundasang from KKIA and it take around one and half hour to reach there. Beautiful scenery that tells thousand memories for us. Nice and peaceful. Done have our lunch at one of the restaurant there we checked in at Kiram’s Village. Wah! Again we got excited! Nice place! I couldn’t believe of the background scenery is Mount Kinabalu. Very calm and cool place to be visited! The water you taste it yourself! You know ice? You know the water is.
Kundasang War Memorial. The first place we visit during our trip there. Amazing scenery of three types of landscape. Australian-English-Borneo! You could choose which one is the first. The entrance is just cost us RM2. History lover? Yes it would be great.

Rafflesia  Blooming
Just open my eyes on the breezy morning and looking out for sunrise. Subhanallah! Very beautiful. Snap a little for our memories! It would bring thousand memories for us. Then we were heading to Kinabalu Park for mountain view. Having our breakfast on the top of the hill with the mist around.  Its bring a great memory. The coolness and the scenery wah I couldn’t believe I was there.
Ranau! One of the places we step on. We go for Sabah Tea and Sg. Moroli Fish Spa. The spa I never use to. With fishes around my foot biting for dead skin cell. Oh yeah… banyak kuman kat kaki. Hahaha. Done with tea and spa we’re off to Poring Hot Spring to relaxing our body and mind indirectly. Before get our body into the hot spring, we enjoy the waterfall first. We need to walk about 400 meter to reach at Kipungit Waterfall. Very cool and beautiful view. There are not too much people so we had our great time to be together. Seven of us sharing for one waterfall! Hahaha.
Finish with the waterfall and hot spring, we went for adventure activity (just me kot…) that is Canopy Walk. I got high phobia so for me walking at the top of tree in the jungle would be fuhhh… gayat! But I suggest you to try it. Done with the gayat things there and what not, we had our lunch at one of the street stall.
Rafflesia, the famous flower in Borneo. Largest type of flower with huge calyx. Yeah..  we’re glad because during our vacation it’s blooming and we able to see it in real. The way to reach at the rafflesia area was very adventurous but we done great.

Desa Cattle or NZ?
The time before leaving Kundasang we stop at Desa Cattle. Lots of cows producing milk and what a great moment is we had fresh milk for our breakfast. Wah… sedap! Fefeeling orang putih sekejap. Hehehe. By the way, the place has landscape more likely to New Zealand I told you. *ala ala makcik makcik bercerita*
After a quite long journey leaving Kundasang for Kota Kinabalu we rest ourselves at Karambunai Resort City. Get ourselves into the water (bay) and relaxing our mind with water and playing on the seashore. But the best thing is we astray while searching for that Karambunai Resort is about one hour! Hahaha…
A&J Hotel, the place where we get ourselves on bed.  Facing the Pasar Kraftangan it would be easy for us to shop the souvenirs for our family and friends. Just bring your money along. Semua akan jadi mudah! At night we get our asses to OneBorneo Shopping Mall. We tried archery. Very memorable moment when my arrow always miss landing! Hahaha.  



Anonymous said...

Lucky enough you get to take pictures of the full bloom Rafflesia. It looks great!

How about a second trip to Sarawak? Even a 5 day trip is not enough.

Here is a website that actually helps me out during my trip.



thank you so much for the info!