Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TRAVEL : Sabah Trip 2012 (Part 2)

Three Island to be attacked!
Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sapi. We had snorkeling just about RM55 per pax. Nice island by the way. We got into water searching for fishes at the first island but we got nothing. Too much people maybe. We don’t give up. So next stop we try again and this time we satisfied. Swimming with fishes around is one of the best things ever I had. Going to the deepest area make myself feel so scared but I try my best and I got it. Penat bila nak melawan ombak berenang. Letih bila nak kena patah balik. Sigh! For the third island we got tired already and just asking the bro yang bawa bot for just pusing-pusing around the island only. Got sunburn! Urghhhh…. Terlupa nak bawa sunblock lotion along!
Night is the time for shopping spree. We’re walked to Kampung Air Night Market for some stuff. Good news is beside our hotel there is an uptown selling so many things that can make as souvenir. I got some for myself! And the best part is when I got an appellation ‘dikmassipug’ which mean ‘ramah’ in malay dictionary or in easy word called ‘budak yang tak segan!’ Ahaksss. Well! Pearl is the famous stuff here! My friends enjoy their dinner with ikan bakar and also sotong bakar but for prawn lover you need to bring about RM300 for a big prawn. Yeah!

ROAR! Get closer to wild life.
I drove one of the cars to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. A lots of animal there and it just the same to zoo. But there we got an opportunity to see Paradise Bird and proboscis monkey. The look of the monkey is just the same with you who are reading this. Hahaha. We also joined the animal show there.
Next destination is Sabah Museum. No photo allowed here and we are so sad but for the Heritage Village we can take photos for our album. The houses make me excited! I love culture so I’m going crazy but some houses are under construction. Huh!
The night we had last moment for grab some stuff to bring back to peninsular and start missing the places we were going! We also were walking along the Water Front in front of Le Meridien Hotel that night.  Hurmmm… everyone start hoping to be posted here for our service as teacher.
Say good bye to Borneo! We are missing the places.



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yeah... kundasang the best place ever there!