Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Got A Problems?

assalamualaikum and hi there

actually i have nothing to be posted this time but i'm trying so hard to hit the keyboard and i found that this entry would be great to be shared with you guys.

since i been expose to the world after my hostel life during secondary school i see lotsa people who cannot run from problems. many of them are really closed to me. yeah i admit me too facing problems.

but how we manage ourselves when problem start hitting us? do we just sit and cry? laugh? do we asking for help? do we SCREAM like crazy? sure you had your own opinion right?

but remember guys we still have GOD (Allah) to help us. we can pray to God but 'usaha' is still what we need. when we faced with any problem don't let our lust control it. why? because when lust control ourselves i don't think we would think in a good way to solve the problem and of course we would did something which out of mind. right? the other way is don't give up before we try something. many people nowadays always put the mindset of redha. yes i know you would think i snobbish but yeah you know what if we redha before we try is like put ourselves in a fire and do not try to extinguish it. am i right? correct me if i'm wrong.

so guys, i'm just sharing. if anyone of you got any more ideas let us share. maybe we can help others! thanks.

**i have a diary now which no one can read it! my heart where i write and my mind where i capture!



Arsyad Muhamad said...

keep calm dude! let it go. seek for His refuge and blessing..will do the wonder. :D


yeah... thanks!