Thursday, July 21, 2011

tensionious week :"(

well hello there world..

tension week?? why?? lots of question came out right. haha. actually this week was really busy week b'cause my friends and i got lots and lots of assignments which we need to hand in in short time (not all la). we got basic math, islamic edu, philosophy of edu, and languange development. what the tuttt lots of assignment. no mood at all. plus by this week or next week we're going to get our mock exam result which can make us out of our mind. (padahal dah lama kot sit for the exam) by the way it will effect our feeling because this sem we got final exam before our degree. so if we got bad result of course la make us full of stress and maybe make us talk to ourselves or to the trees, wall, bla bla bla. in simple CRAZY for a short time. and the important thing is out of money before getting our new allowance next month.

recently my class got know about our mark for language development paper. haha. some of us got best mark. (comfort level) excluding me who still live under the uncomfortable level. when looking at my result for that paper feuuwww how come i wanna be english teacher later. lots and lots of language mistake and of course grammar mistake even in this entry. its too bad. that is why now i'm trying to improve my language and hope can do better for my final exam. as said by my lecturer most of us can really write the essay but we lack of vocabulary and hmm of course we dont really master in grammar. so we need to read a lot to gain more vocab that will help us to write a very mature sentences in our essay. (ni kan mcm essay budak pmr je) =,=

now i got new hobbies other than blogging, facebooking or any other wasting time hobbies. i love to read english novel. kah3 like jiwang at all. geli siott but i still need to read it. newspaper of course la i will just read the title only. hehe. so i'm trying to gain as much as i can vocab when read the novels.

the english novel that i read other than 'the phantom of the opera' (form2) 'dr jekyll & mr hide' (form 3) 'the pearl' (form 5) 'to kill a mockingbird' (foundation level)

of course i need those things to be my helpers when i found difficult words
p/s: just ignore my grammar and language mistake


Ash Muhamad said...

Yea..yea! Welcome to the club dearest friend! Do share the novel with me even if I know I may not be finished it in the short term..but at least we do try to read and gain something new which is good for our future undertaking...YOU CAN DO IT, Sir.Hazwan!


ok but bahasa melayu still my soulmate!!! sekainbasahlepasmandi. kui3

Ash Muhamad said...

Ish.. :P


haha... btw i'll try improve my bad language. haha. len la hg... kui3