Tuesday, July 26, 2011



salam guys.. hope you enjoyed your day. based on the entry title "RAMADHAN STORY" i'm actually wanna have a diary of ramadhan for the first till end of ramadhan this year. i just wanna share my fasting day for this year with you guys since last year i have no blog yet so i begin to share my ramadhan day story for this year and insyaAllah also for my raya day. hehe. yaalaa.. same goes to you guys i'm actually can't wait for ramadhan and always pray to God that i able to have ramadhan this years and so on. hope we can enjoy our ramadhan with good things and lots of ibadah. for our information fasting is a good and better way to diet but remember we fasting not for diet ok we must to have a real niat of our fasting.


niat puasa

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