Tuesday, February 14, 2012

managed to finish it

assalamualaikum and hello

first thing first i wanna share with you guys that i managed to finish the diary-like-novel Diary of A Wimpy Kid (Dog Days) . i know it will funny thing ever if i said that this is my first time i managed to finish reading english novel in two days. muahaha. plus the novel also is children-like-novel but do i care? the important thing is i understand the story and wish to have another story/book of that because it come with six of it [if i'm not mistaken] . it's really useful for people like me who just start to read english novel. yeay! for me reading english novel are very important especially for teacher-to-be like myself right? hehe. not promoting or proud or what not just saying the truth.

reading that kind of book really make myself much confident to use english in my conversation with others in my everyday life and of course with my lecturers and friends. and one thing good to hear that my friend said that i had improved my language. i know the aim of talking that. fyi in my first semester being as a TESL student i really can't adapt with it and always said that i hate english and eager to learn Malay till my friend 'hate' me. haha. but now being as a TESL student such a advantage for me. not only a advantage but tone of advantages. but remember being a TESL student doesn't mean you're english-ian.

some people might think like that. sorry to say. but it totally wrong. we're ordinary people that had been chosen to learn that language.

forget about the novel. move on with another issue being hunted myself that is i keep thinking of repent and what will happen to me when the time coming. death. yes i got lots of sin and i know some of it are really big. [dosa besar] i scared if something happen to me and i'm not manage to 'clean' all those sins.

what make me more scared is i always do the same thing even i had crying and do solat sunat taubat. adakah taubat aku tak diterima Allah? nauzubillah. i'm thinking of improving myself to be a better Muslim but don't know what urge me to repeat the same thing? but i really hope you guys will together with me helping each other to be a better Muslim. amin.


note : don't hate people who hate you. just be nice to them. 


Ash Muhamad said...

be strong dude!


thanks.. but it's not involve love okey.. hehe

Eazy Izzuddin said...

i want to improve myself too...
TESL student?
good luck !


hehe.. thanks for your supporting.

fareha said...

hey, you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid? that's really awesome. good choice of book. it's very famous book in New Zealand and no 1 recommended book by my lecturer.

well, kalau ada buat dosa cepat2 bertaubat. dan doa supaya Allah tak membolak-balik kan hati kita slps diberi ampun dan petunjuk.
good luck!


thanks. but still searching for another books. hehe. payah la nk jumpa satu set kat perlis ni. hua3.