Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the student expression

assalamualaikum and hello..

each an everyone have their own talent that God gave us but not every human being having the same opportunities to have the talent. me, myself, still blur what is my hidden talent in myself that i got. but for me, i need to try everything so that i might know what is the talent in myself. 

untuk post kali ini aku nak kongsi kongsi kongsi gambar dengan tema "Student Expression". why i choose this theme? yang tu jangan ditanya banyak sebab i don't know. it's come naturally. tension fikir pasal assignment yang nak dibuat tapi idea x dak so aku dan kawan aku sorang ni ambek camera, tukar baju, start posing. senang! satu kerja pon x jadi. 

so malas nak tulis panjang panjang jom tengok the pictures but kalau x cantik or what u're welcoming to leave comment. thanks.

bag with red sweater plus sunglass

wanna go for discussion

read a lot gain a lot

i prefer this to class

i love learning linguistics

Islamic class contemporary wear 

credit to ASH as a model. photo by me. clothes from our own collection.

nota : kalau la kat kampus aku boleh pakai mcm ni pegi kelas.. *sigh*


fareha said...

do you use speedlight for these photos?

i wish we can wear this casual in maktab too. will see one day.


x lah.. pakai flash camera jee. hehe..

tu la kan. nasib la nak buat mcm mana kan..

Eazy Izzuddin said...

nice ...
if use speed light..
terbaikk ..
macam dalam studio..
the lighting is important..


yaa.. thnks.

teha said...

hahahha..so,inilah hairstyle yg assh nk tnjk kat aq tuh?